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You are home

A poem to remember home

By Your VersePublished 2 years ago 1 min read

I haven't been home in so long

I don't even remember I have one

Stumbling through life for last twenty plus years

Unknowingly searching for a glimpse of warmth and care

In thousands of eyes, faces and meaningless intimate touch

Being shunned and turned away everywhere

"I don't want to be here" whispers ever so gently

I try to battle the feather saying you're stronger than this

Yet with every smile and strange coincidence

I fear there is something greater than this

A breath, a touch, a word and a friendly soul

Gently guide as signs pointing back home

Blurs of hope come and go

Filled with tingles and sparks of excitement

The journey begins to make sense

Until the distraction strikes again

Sometimes for years, months or a moment

Then, something always brings you back

To the path

Of stillness and trust

That love will guide you back

Here and now, this is the sign

Welcome home


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