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You & I

by kai Aminabey 3 years ago in performance poetry

A Poem

Poem: You & IBy: Kai

This love isn't honest.

When you're mad you tend to push me.

You say things, I'm not sure you mean...

I'm confused

Do you even really love me?

When you kiss me does it really make you happy...

You want me to always listen to your stories...

Listen to your words and believe them...

When I disagree you can't take it..

When I'm mad at you

You can't take it

You add more fuel to the fire

You watch me burn down

My heart is cold now

You say you don't need me

You also add that I need you

You also say without you, I wouldn't have anything at all

You try and make me feel like I'm someone beneath you

When I stand beside you.

A soul shouldn't be beneath no one

Why must you kiss me then

If I'm ugly or useless to you

If I'm so horrible within myself

Why must you stay around?

You talk out of your ass a lot

You say.

I don't mean what I say...

you say...

well I don't give a fuck Jose

Cause this love has been abused in all ways

Sideways and even back ways of different sides of highways

It's a sad case of dismay

Tired of forgiving all of your mistakes

Will it ever change?...

You & I

performance poetry

kai Aminabey

I like to express myself through words

There is no crime in intellectual healing

& expressing the feeling through love & life

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kai Aminabey
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