It's all for you.


Today, I accepted it all,

I truly embraced the thoughts,

I coddled them and made them cozy,

What a warm feeling!

Knowing the waters are finally tame,

The wind, so calm, so warm.


The flowers are beginning to bloom,

It smells like home.

Come under the blankets my dear, it's warm under here.


But you just can't break away,

I know it isn't your fault.

The fog in your eyes is too thick.

The clouds don't filter often for you.

My love, I'm here.

Don't walk away, hold my hand.

I can guide you through,

My eyes can look past my own,

For you.

For you, I can clear the skies,

For you, I can make the ocean yellow again.

For you, I can forget.

Please just stay, for me.

Don't turn your head just yet my love.

Sophia Shepherd
Sophia Shepherd
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Sophia Shepherd
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