That's What Life Is About


I really don’t know

What life is about

What I want is a smile

Most of the world rocks a pout

Life can be simple

Or really complicated

It depends on whether you’re clear-headed

Or you walk around faded

I listen to rappers but I also like punk rock

If you’d ask me what I’m wearing

I’d reply, “whatever’s in stock”

Who cares, as long as it’s black

Name brand shit is something I lack

Sorry, I don’t mean to talk like that

I heard that the nicer I talk

The better my life will be

But I think that’s why people frown

They fume silently

And here I am

Emptying my mind

Of the crap that society

Instilled in my kind

Yes, my kind

The younger generations

The ones that waste time

With that thing in our pockets

They have a hard time seeing

that when that thing’s in my hand it’s as strong as a sword

Cuz no one no longer pays attention to the written word

But that’s understandable

The elder groups need glasses

To see that it is not my fault when ignorant males make passes

And no, I’m not rebelling

I just want to be heard

When I say color issues are absurd

I mean discrimination is superfluous

Trying to maintain the status quo is ridiculous

I want to love who I want to love

Even if it’s only myself

But hearing aids are expensive

And I have textbooks to buy

Even though statistically they won’t help me get by

Minimum wage is no longer a livable wage

I’m not Pit Bull

I’m a female Latina whose fifty-four cents won’t convert into a dollar

we all know that I can talk crazy

I’ll show you crazy:

Owning a gun is my right, (wait for it) but health care is not

I don’t want to rot

I know this sounds redundant

We’ve all heard it before

But like the Whoville Whovillians

I won’t stop making noise

Jumping on the floors and banging on doors

Until the epiphany:

Yopp! That’s what life is about

A person’s a person

No matter how small

social commentary
Nila Aiza
Nila Aiza
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Nila Aiza

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