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Yes, I will change the world "A poetry".

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By DollyPublished about a year ago 1 min read
Yes, I will change the world "A poetry".
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I may be small, but I can make a change,

With every step, I'll rearrange,

The world around me, for the better,

With my actions, I'll be a go-getter.

I'll speak up, for what is right,

And fight for those, without a voice,

I'll be a beacon, of hope and light,

For those who are lost, in the darkest night.

I'll lend a hand, to those in need,

And plant the seed, of kindness and greed,

I'll be the change, I wish to see,

In this world, so wild and free.

I'll lead by example, with my every move,

And make a difference, with my every groove,

I may be small, but I'll make a stand,

And change the world, with my own two hands.

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just started living my life, and poems are my partner, make sure to like follow and help me grow.

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    DollyWritten by Dolly

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