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Writing Infinity

The Worlds in Between

By Ricky LanussePublished about a year ago 1 min read
Writing Infinity
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Writing is good for me

but I wonder

why is it good for me?

I discovered then that

a blank page is

the mightiest thing

in the world

and more

a blank sheet

is mightiest than

the world

On a blank sheet

I can fit

all the worlds

I can shape them

at my whim

I can be me

I can be another

I can do and be

whatever I want

god and devil

and everything in



not only did I discover

the true magnitude

of a blank sheet of paper

but I discovered

that it is

the only place

where my mind is






That's why it is good for me

to write

because I am

my own sovereign

of my world

I write on one side

and on the other side

of the page

I can invent a world

on one page

and a world on the other

I can be someone different

in each of those worlds

or the same one in both worlds

This led me to think that

if there is a world

on one side

and another

on the other side

between those worlds

there is a

s p a c e

An inner space

the inside of the page

where no one can write

but there is

a dimension

between what we write

on one side


on the other side

We will never access

that world

but it


it is there

I thought of

cutting the sheet

but by cutting it

in the middle

I have two blank sheets


a couple of worlds

per sheet

and another secluded world

inside it

I can repeat this

until I can no longer

divide the blank sheet


and there will always remain

an insular world

where no one has access

where no one can write

that is

the infinity of

a blank sheet


I realize again that

writing is good for me

I am free

I write, I write, and write

and then

I turn the page

and discover


another world.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

There’s more in traveling than just being in motion.

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