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By Debora DyessPublished 2 years ago 1 min read

With my teacup close at hand

and my fingers poised over the keyboard

ready to strike,

I feel the peace of inspiration begin.

Like a gentle breeze

rustling through the top leaves

of ancient oaks,

thoughts begin to whisper,

meandering into shape and substance.

Life begins to flow from my fingertips and,

for a few minutes,

I know the power of creation,

the absolute joy of worlds born

at my bidding and bequest.

I invite, rebuke, enhance, encourage,

allow characters to live and act

according to their whims and wills

as they speak through me.

A parade of letters on screen,

marching as if on their own,

continues until miles of words have appeared,

their life and my life


I lean back,

sip my tea and read the words.

This, I know, is who I am.

This, I know, is peace.

I am comfortable in the knowledge of both worlds -

the one t hat I inhabit

and the other ones...

those that live within me


About the Creator

Debora Dyess

Start writing...I'm a kid's author and illustrator (50+ publications, including ghostwriting) but LOVE to write in a variety of genres. I hope you enjoy them all!

Blessings to you and yours,


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    Debora DyessWritten by Debora Dyess

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