Life as a Poet Knows It
Life as a Poet Knows It

Write Something

Musings on "Hitting the Wall"

Write Something

Write something,

Write anything.

For god's sakes, get it out.

Let out all the venom in an ink stain framing shout,

Let out all the demons in a choir verse devout,

Let out the little wolves that are hiding on the mount.

Write a poem,

Write a story,

Write a recipe for a hearty chicken stew,

Write an ode,

Write an allegory,

Write a song about how you feel about the news.

Write something,

Write anything,

Just let the work go,

Let the spirit seize you as you scribble to and fro,

Let the heavens move you in a dazzling light show,

Let the wolves take you with crimson deep in to the snow.

Rhys Waterman
Rhys Waterman
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