How much does a life cost?!?!

How much is a life worth!?!?!

I see on my screens

all the cool guys are killers.

Make sure you keep your fancy toys,

all is well, boys will be boys.

Just trying to make some noise

cause you fear being heard,

but never mind that.

You bag it up, a you stuff

all of your emotions that seem to be too much.

So here it is,

yet another disillusioned youth,

dancing with some chrome,

where you swear it is your truth

but all you really care about is trying to shoot

your problems away

as the perceive to embody the flesh.

It's ok,

It's the cool thing to do, be like one of them gangster rapper dudes.

So you look like one of your heroes from that dope game on the PS4,

or so you can prove to the others that you aren't weak.

You rarely find the words to form a speech,

so you find it easier to squeeze,

to transform into some version of a man, some beast,

that never fucking existed.

You say that you're heartless,

a savage even void of love,

you always stressing about bills,

the money never seeming to be enough!

Where ya life's worth not measuring up?

Is there a discount!?!

Are you able to get a refund!?!?

or is it once this life is over, it's finally fucking done!!

Does anyone ever win!?!

Has anyone ever won?!?!

What's the price of a life, through the barrel of a gun?

slam poetry
Wyld Tha Bard
Wyld Tha Bard
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Wyld Tha Bard

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