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Worlds Apart

by Jennifer Cypert 3 years ago in heartbreak

Night and Day

I hate it that you think that you know me

When in reality you really don't.

You don't know the world that I live in

Because you choose not to understand

Or step in.

You put it down, so I close you out

I live on the surface that I let you see

Yet inside is where I dance.

I would let you in but what's the point?

You would just drag me down like you always do.

Who needs someone like you in here anyway?

I would rather be lonely than deal with you're pissing in it.

I'm getting to the point where you are a little acidic

You burn my skin

It takes a little while for the scars to fade

Some don't

It's one more slit in the marrow

One more chip in my bone.

Jennifer Cypert
Jennifer Cypert
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Jennifer Cypert

A lover of all the impossibles if only they are in my head.

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