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by Monsoor Ali 2 years ago in performance poetry

A Series of Short Poems


Words are the witnesses of our experiences and memories. Spoken word fade into Oblivion but written word is what makes us immortal.I speak to influence the Here and Now, to make change that I can see and feel. I write to influence the future, to continue my life's work, to make change when I am dead and gone.

A Moon

her sounds, her words, her vibrationsher energy, her pull, her glowshe is a moon and I am trapped by her gravity

The Best Of All Pleasures

Just the simplicity of me loving youwas the best of all pleasuresNo reciprocation beyond a smile was ever neededIt was an honor greater than all other

A divine luxuryA gracious privilegeJust your presenceJust the thought of youJust the experience of me loving youwas the best of all pleasures

Better Now

I'm better now that I'm older but some things can never be erased...


It's not that I can'tIt's not that I don't careIt's just that I'm tired


In a world such as thisSavage, rotten, and coldMy dreams are my only refuge

performance poetry
Monsoor Ali
Monsoor Ali
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Monsoor Ali

I am an artist, writer, teacher, producer, activist, and student of life...Based in Washington DC.

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