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Woman of Rainbows (Shamanic Journey)

by Marilyn Glover 4 months ago in surreal poetry · updated 24 days ago

Surreal Poetry

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I am Woman of Rainbows

This is my Shamanic journey


I close my eyes falling fast asleep

Completely aware of my dream state

My spirit lifts from my resting body


To the nagual world


Tonal reality behind


My natural appearance transforms

From golden coils with streaking greys

To full spun silver wisps of wisdom


Behind my shoulders


My departed ancestors


My yellow cloak is like the sun

Charging the light within me

My Indigo and turquoise shawl

“Phaa sabai”

Draping my shoulders


Patterns linking lineage


Great Hawk, trusted spirit guide

Swoops in to greet me

Carrying my staff; the oldest oak


Raptor releases her clutch


My eager right hand


Grey Wolf, my shadow ally

Emerges from a violet silhouette

His opalescent eyes; medicine wheel


Hues of pearl


Emotions, cycles, seasons


Scents of sage and myrrh

Swirl around me in protection

As I kneel upon the fertile soil


Gently on my buffalo drum

Ta- taum

Ta ta- taum, Ta- taum


Befriending my shadow: my shamanic voyage

Altering my vision to a deeper darker place

Making peace, accepting and healing

So that I may return hope, light and love

Back into the expecting natural world

I am conscious that for each step taken

In the supernatural mirrors in reality

I respect the teachings of my ancestors

As a prismatic arc of inspiration to follow


I inspire, I uplift and I heal

I am the season of experience

I am the weather of sequences

I am the plant whisperer

I am the therapist of creatures

I am the fire dancer

I am the dream catcher

I am the fortune teller

I am the peacemaker


I am the embodiment of all colors

Sharing my light with all souls

This is my shamanic journey

I am the woman of rainbows

surreal poetry

Marilyn Glover

I am a seasoned hospitality professional and aspiring writer. I especially love poetry and experimenting with different styles. My inspiration comes from personal life events and I am known to root for the "underdog." I am 49 years young.

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Marilyn Glover
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