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To what comes

By Katie Published 3 months ago 1 min read
Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash

We’re all in the same boat.

Leaking, tilting, rudderless, boat.

It’s not a pretty sight. This Monty Python craft of humanity.

We’re drifting towards the falls, we can hear the roar of the water as it descends to smash upon the rocks below.

Some, not all, are starting to shout. Clearly catastrophe awaits.

Yet the loudest voices of all, say in harmony that there is nothing wrong.

That all is well.

They somehow believe that, they, are not in the same boat as us. Shouting at us from the safety of the shore, that all is fine. That the falls pose no threat.

Laughing at us behind their hands. Labeling us fools for believing what clearly is not so.

What they don’t realize,

is, that they have fooled themselves.

There is no escape, we are all doomed.

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Really just an amateur trying my hand at this.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran3 months ago

    Lol, totally agree, we definitely are all doomed! Loved your poem!

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