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Within the heart of a bully, a glimmer of hope?

Alex and Lonzo's "No bullying Challenge".

By Novel AllenPublished 4 months ago 2 min read
Within the heart of a bully, a glimmer of hope?
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

Dear Bulli,

I peered inside your heart today, for you see

Curiosity made me wonder what colors a heart like

Yours would exude when your soul flowers bloomed

Such a melange and varied assortment I encountered

It fairly took my breath away

Whites, reds, yellows, purples, golden, magentas and lilacs

Raised their lovely heads, vying for your kind attention

For they so wished and yearned for your love and care

But alas, you grabbed your paintbrush of green and black

And hurriedly painted over all the gentle florescent buds

Ebenezer Scrooge could not have been more proud, would have

Hired you on the spot to tend his misbegotten coffers

Unable to radiate their glorious and colorful charm

The sad black/green painted blooms watched as your

Darkness rapidly spread across the flowering landscape

Lights which once shone bright, happy and wholesome

Waxed and waned dim, as the horrid winds blew in from

East, west, north and south - like evil witches bringing

Doom and gloom, hexes, evil potions, spells and dissatisfaction

All designed to bring the masses to your jaded way of thinking

The green you painted bred many green-eyed fiery monsters

The black obscured and hid the true nature of words and phrases

Prompting misunderstandings, ill-will, and general:












To name just a few

Then they watched as the rewards poured in for bulli-ing

While their painted green/black colors faded more and more

With every passing day!

Then one day a flower bloomed and blossomed

The New York Public Library - Unsplash

No paint or color-diminishing brush could taint its brightness

The Lonzo/Alex bloom stood fierce and strong

Godlike and proud, it dared you to work your spells

The witches, warlocks, muggles, wizards, imps and demons

All joined forces to thwart your evil plans to spread dissension

Now the voices are being heard, time has worked its magic spell

Hopefully, they all agreed, sparks from their brightly burning flames

May find its way to your willful, stubborn, sad arteries and veins

Transforming you to light and gentle awakening of life's many gifts

Just remember:

The Triumph of Life By Percy Bysshe Shelley

Swift as a spirit hastening to his task Of glory & of good,

the Sun sprang forth Rejoicing in his splendor,

& the mask Of darkness fell from the awakened Earth.

Patrick - Unsplash


Lonzo/Alex challenge

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  • Lena Folkert4 months ago

    Wow. The little girl inside me who still feels the fists and hears the taunts and sees the ugly girl she was made to believe she was… you gave her color again. Thank you ❤️

  • To this day, I'm never quite sure why someone bullies others. I'm not even sure why I sometimes get my bully on (especially with customer service phone calls). I just know that there are occasions when push comes to shove, I shove hard. I hate it when it happens. I hate myself when it happens. I vow to do better, only to fail & betray my vow time & again. Dear God, help me. Deliver me from the smallness of my heart, soul & spirit.

  • This was extremely powerful! Such a fantastic poem for the challenge!

  • Grz Colm4 months ago

    Nice work on the poem! Loved the use of colours throughout!!

  • Catherine Nyomenda4 months ago

    This is beautiful Allen, do you love flowers?

  • Lana V Lynx4 months ago

    Great poem. Writers are supposed to bring the best in humanity, like you’ve done here.

  • Mother Combs4 months ago

  • Jay Kantor4 months ago

    Dear Ms. N ~ You 'Muggle-Magically' to me ! 'j'

  • This is Like A Magical Story ♥️📝💯I Love It, Everything has to Bloom If admirable… The Wordplay and The Colors 🎨 are Fantastic🎙️♥️ Thank you so much for Deciding to participate💯😁❗❗❗

  • Manisha Dhalani4 months ago

    I like how you broke this poem down, step by step. Well done!

  • River Joy4 months ago

    Beautiful and strong. I love the way this builds to strength.

  • Naveed 4 months ago

    It is a powerful reminder of the devastating effects that bullying can have on people's lives, and it is a story of hope and resilience.

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