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With the Flames

Maybe this time

By Randy RileyPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
With the Flames
Photo by Aliaksei on Unsplash

The bang, the crash,

I jump awake, but I try to keep still, controlling my breath.

It won't happen this time.

It won't happen this time.

It won't happen this time.

But someday it will.

You'll crash, you'll bang,

You'll wake me up as carelessly, as recklessly as you do,

And you'll do it,

You'll take everything.

Maybe not this time,

But you will.

I try to tell myself you won't,

Not this time.

Not this time,

Not this time.

Maybe you never will, but I can't believe that.

They all tell me you're not a monster,

That I should relax, be still, control my breathing,

But still I can't sleep.

You bang, you crash,

Maybe this time.

sad poetry

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Randy Riley

anxious, scattered, figuring it out

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