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Winter White Queen

by Mattie M. 4 years ago in nature poetry
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Gliding through the pine trees

Flying up in the air

Swirls of love are painted on a blanket of snow

Faeries land on the powdery branches

Spinning in the cold winner breeze

Sailing through the blue sky

Landing in the sunlight

Twisting and turning

In the blankets of snow birds tweet down below.

Sparkles of diamonds glow

The Winter Queen lives in wonderland dreams

Walks in a the garden and picks a white winter rose

A sapphire heart lights up the winter forest

Faeries peek from the frosted branches

White angels surround her in the windy breeze.

Faeries dance around the Winter Queen

Singing in a soft melody.

nature poetry

About the author

Mattie M.

Mattie loves uplifting individuals in a more positive direction. She is a poet, short-story writer, and working on her first novel. Writing for a cause to pay for publishing and the editing of my novel on Depression and Anxiety.

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