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A Winter Wonderland


Winter. The season of snow and chilly days and evenings. Where in the morning you can see icicles on window sills and fog covering the windows. Behind that fog is the beautiful scenery. The snow is pure white and when the sun shines, it shines and sparkles like crystals. The snow is untouched in the morning, and when everyone starts to awaken, you can find footprints. Both by animals and humans.

Winter is the season of love. Where a precious holiday is celebrated. Christmas is a day to spend time with family and loved ones. To forget our sorrows, anger, and troubles for just one day. On Christmas, there is a plant known to many as Mistletoe where a couple share a beloved tender kiss.

Carols are sung around Christmas. Winter's favourite is “Walking in a Winter Wonderland.” She often finds herself humming it to herself. She loves the song and takes ideas from the songs and includes them in her daily routine.

The fireplace is filled with flames of red, yellow, and orange. The logs burn black keeping families warm inside the cold house. People gather around the fireplace and tell stories to each other, or they will just enjoy the sound and the comforting scent of a crackling fire.

As we sleep warm in our beds. Winter is working her magic to bring us joy. Her magic causes tiny snowflakes to fall from the sky. The snow is piled up once again and the windows are fogged. Icicles are formed. When morning comes, winter counts on her good friend Jack Frost to keep the children happy. He creates snow where there isn't so kids can build snowmen, make snow angels or build a fort. Often at times, he'll be the one to throw the first snowball and a snowball fight is created between children. Winter smiles from her spot where no one can see her.

Winter especially loves it when people go ice skating. She loves seeing the joy in people's faces when they skate. She loves how even though they fall, they get back up and start again. She's happy that people enjoy what her gift brings. Though every now and then someone falls through some thin ice. When this happens, winter becomes guilty and often loses control. The days and nights become colder than before. The mornings are darker than before and evenings that follow also are darker.

When spring comes, winter's snow slowly begins to melt away. Her icicles melt away. The snowmen the children made begin to melt into a puddle, leaving behind the carrot nose, the button eyes and the red wool scarf. Spring brings out flowers from the snow, the animals that hibernated start to awaken and come out. The birds that flew to warmer placed start to make their way back home.

The children start to trade in their winter coats and boots. Instead, they wear T-shirts and runners. Instead of winter hats and scarves, they wear baseball caps and backpacks.

As spring takes her turn to bring joy to the children, winter hides away. She hides in her fortress where it is always cold and Winter. There she makes her plans for next Winter. She plans on making the children happy again.

Jack Frost helps with her plans. He keeps her company when she can't, he watches the children have fun in Spring. She watches as they have fun in summer and then fall.

Winter soon takes its turn to bring Joy. The cycle continues and the children love the season just as much as the seasons love the children.

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Bryanna Hewer
Bryanna Hewer
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