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A Poem


I was told when I was younger not to run with scissors in my hands. Well, now that I'm a father, I tell my children the same thing. Take into consideration the manifestation of that gravitational pull. If you fall, it would make an example out of you.

Remember this when you're soaring, when life is anything but mundane and boring. Your stories will be of childish themes and adolescent schemes. I paved this road with a thousand memories so you could see exactly what I mean.

So give flight to these dreams like cageless birds in the Spring. Unhindered by the reality that you could be shot down any second because you better believe, you'd rather risk flying and take the chance of planting your feet on the clouds than to walk in regret, never to have ever left the ground.

Your God-given vision will make an incision in the dark, so let the light shine from your eyes and don't let anyone ever dampen your spark. You've heard it from me so when doubt creeps in to kill your confidence, believe in yourself enough to know that you can conquer this.

Don't you ever give up and before you think of raising it, keep it down. That finger that points at those you may want to blame because you're not where you want to be right now.

Listen, I know what it's like because I've felt that way too but you're going to learn that patience is more than just an empty word and your gift is meant for more than just being about you.

The answers to your many questions may never be what you'd expect so the solution to all of your problems may never be addressed. That's enough to lose heart but you gotta swear that you won't because faith is being sure of what is hoped for and not what is shown.

See, I tried for so long to soar on my own, those shears held tightly by my side and oftentimes I would be so afraid but more so surprised I hadn't crash landed because of how unsteady a man I really am.

But with what I have in my hands, I will scatter the remains like seeds and one day, when I'll look back maybe there will be something that resembles a tree with roots so deep that reminds me to never regret taking that leap.

I can only hope that you do the same.

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