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Winds of change

by Benny Shlesinger about a year ago in slam poetry
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Some trends must go

The winds of change bluster through every season

Trends are born, live some months, then are leavin

But some do not go

Though told to do so

These trends won’t die, let’s get to grim reapin

How silly it is to pretend

One is riding a bike to fit in

And you don’t even ride

Cast those bike shorts aside

Even Lance wore long pants out to din

When did tie-dye make a return?

Ashes escaped the faux-pas urn

Unless younger than six

It just ain’t worth the risk

Let classics like black T’s have their turn

And oh lord we repent for the sin

Of allowing puffy sleeves back in

Cinderella did rock them

But today we mock them

A princess’s gram don’t need shoulder pillows *ahem*

And fellas with a crossbody bag

Make me wish that their pants would sag

Then I might not notice

This erroneous notion

Fanny pack over shoulder ain’t rad

I admit the utility of crocs

That a nurse or a child often rocks

But thou shalt not don

Crocs with socks on

Or at all, there’s no such thing as croc o’clock

And I know that those must be jokes

Jeans with one loose pant leg while the other chokes

Assymetrcial jeans

Are useless and obscene

I think the inventor took two too many tokes

And at last the nostalgia of the nineties

Dare I ask where everyone finds these

Trends are a bust

Though confess I must

I have developed a liking for fun scrunchies

slam poetry

About the author

Benny Shlesinger

Amateur philosopher, avid keyboard pitter-patterer

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