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William Shakespeare

Shakespeare, I admire the most

By DollyPublished 4 months ago โ€ข 1 min read
William Shakespeare
Photo by Matt Riches on Unsplash

William Shakespeare, a poet of old,

Whose words, still resonate, bold and bold,

Through the ages, they echo still,

With a power, that no pen can fill.

His verse, a tapestry of emotion,

Of love and loss, joy and devotion,

With every line, he paints a scene,

Of beauty, that's both serene and keen.

His plays, a stage for all to see,

The human experience, in poetry,

With every character, a reflection,

Of the heart, and its own perfection.

From sonnets, to tragedies,

His words, will always be a masterpiece,

William Shakespeare, a poet divine,

His verse, forever etched in time.

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