Only the Classics
Only the Classics

Wild Woman


Wild Woman
Photograph by: Anya Sergeeva

She is a wild woman

She leaves her hair loose

And sometimes twigs catch in it

As she walks forest trails

With eyes turned skyward

Tracking the stars for some sign

Her home is wild as the forest

With rocks and bones

Dried plants and deer's antlers

Adorning every surface

Incense smoke unfurls from her table

Scents of sandalwood and sage

She keeps a broom on her porch

As a sign to passersby

Telling kindred spirits what she is

A curious pile of salt

Sits near her front door

Those who recognise it

Know that no unwelcome soul

May enter here

She treads a circle

Seals it with a sigil

Inside it, she sings

She laughs

She smiles

She creates

Things of love

As she destroys

What would harm

She walks in balance

Her ancestors guide her

As surely as the moon and stars

Everything she does

Contains hints of magic

Even her cooking pots

Are adorned with invisible runes

She heals and guides

She creates and gives

But those who harm

Her and her kin

Will wish they hadn't

Karma is her pet

She calls it to do her bidding

And it gladly does

She walks the earth and

Soil clings to her naked feet

Sky-clad, she dances

Only the clouds can clothe her

And she sings

The song of her ancestors

Words deciphered

Only by her clansmen

Words of power and summoning

Words of magic and ritual

She is an ancestor

As she is a descendant

In all things she strives

To walk in balance

To guide those who

Come after her

And come from her

She is a wild woman

Like her mother and

Grandmother before her

And she knows

That her daughters will be, too

nature poetry
A. R. Ambrosi
A. R. Ambrosi
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