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Why I Let You Go

And Why I Said Goodbye

By Alex A.Published 3 months ago 1 min read
Photo Credit: https://8tracks.com/meakatreena/forgetting-someone-you-never-had

I thought I could forget you,

But I was very wrong.

I wanted to move on,

But it never felt so long.

I wanted to move past things,

And just be strong.

I knew we weren't meant to be,

Knew it all along.

But everytime I think of you,

I miss your every smile.

I wish that I could talk more,

And stay a longer while.

I know that you don't want things,

To further get too deep.

But you are so conflicted that,

It's why it's you I couldn't keep.

I couldn't hold on anymore,

I needed to let go.

It wasn't just for me,

It was so you can have control--

Control over your own life,

Control over your will,

Control because I know you're strong,

Even if I love you still.

I make things so much worse for you,

Because your so conflicted.

You want something so much more,

But you are so restricted.

It's why I had to let you go,

You're still hung on the past.

If I'd stayed a little more,

We both still wouldn't last.


About the Creator

Alex A.

I write poetry and blogs about my curiosities in life. Why do we stress? We do we settle for less? Whether it's heartbreak, inspirational writings, I'll just write away~

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