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Why Here?

Not There?

By Gerard DiLeoPublished 6 months ago Updated 5 months ago 1 min read
"No thanks."


Our world is beautiful and clean

Yours, ugly and obscene

Ours assumes science is right

Yours entombs conscience in fright

Ours is temperate, stable, and predictable

Yours is degenerate, perturbable, provisional

We recycle our dead in space by atomized ignition

On your ancestors, you waste precious space meant for the living

We make way for the smooth, purposeful, and well-intentioned

You collide with each other in multiple dimensions

Everything we have, use, and plan is available

You sweat your blood to acquire the replaceable

We live our lives solipsistic and excellently

At the mercy of others, you struggle for necessities

Everything just works for us on our world

Everything on yours gets luridly soiled

We have the knowledge to create paradise

And Heaven-on-Earth, but you'd rather throw dice

Why would you stay here, come what may?

Why won't you join us and go our way?



Abra Cadabra--everything, all you need, all at once

We find no comfort in magical assistance

We find not destiny in lack of resistance

We tried that once by a tree in a garden

And look where that got us, cast out by the warden

That story may very well be fictional

But at least the sin commited was Original

What's the lesson if you can't discover

Good or evil, then have to recover?

We live our lives — tentative and perilous

Finding fulfillment in following our wantonness

Trials and tribulations are the stuff of our life

You've never lived at the edge of a knife

Ups and downs, rugs withdrawn unsuspected

Make life worth living beyond the protected

Go back to your sterile, your tepid, your mild

You exist only in void — we live in the wild



The Message We Send to the Cosmos

Complacency is rot

Faithfully is not

Come what may

Keeps the decay at bay

Let the golden ones leave

With what they've achieved

It's human to take, keep score, and to give

Teasing the ferocious — the way we live

It's a ride of joys, uncertainties, and strife

But living is a seat on the ride of your life

And when we graduate from where we learned it

We at least can know we very well earned it

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About the Creator

Gerard DiLeo

Retired, not tired. In Life Phase II: Living and writing from a decommissioned Catholic church in Hull, MA. Phase I: was New Orleans (and everything that entails).


email: [email protected]

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Comments (7)

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  • ema5 months ago

    Amazing! Yes, "we live in the wild" ❤

  • Joe Patterson5 months ago

    Love the different perspectives take, never had one encapsulated a poem like this before.

  • Great job 📝❤️😉👌👽

  • You waste space on your dead that's meant for the living. This line is soooo true! This poem was so profound and thought provoking!

  • You waste space on your dead that's meant for the living. This line is soooo true! This poem was so profound and thought provoking!

  • Rob Angeli6 months ago

    Love the dialectic, well discussed.

  • Alex H Mittelman 6 months ago

    Fantastic poem!

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