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The "Why" behind life

By WILLIAM SHAKESPEAREPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

The depths of a thoughtful sigh,

A question that challenges lies

The fundamental core of our being, so cunning,

It is the basic yet profound question, "Oh, why?"


What causes the moon's silver glow?

Do you like to ebb and flow with the tides?

Why do tears fall from the sky like rain?

Or is it when we part ways that we laugh?


Why does the heart beat in rhythm?

pound in our chests with happiness and sorrow?

Why do we have such lofty aspirations?

Reaching up to the stars in the infinite sky?


Why do we try to comprehend the unknowable?

exploring the hidden mysteries beneath the undergrowth?

Why does knowledge suggest, like a flame,

Under the boundless sky, is there a way to answers?


Why do we doubt what we observe?

unraveling intricate and unrestricted truths?

My friend, why are you trying to condemn?

a quest of curiosity and a never-ending why?


We discover the spark of our birth in the "why,"

a request to discover the size of the Earth,

Because questions are what keep our spirits high.

As we journey through life, never asking why.


So let the "why" serve as our compass.

In our travels over the globe, both near and far,

In this investigation, we will always rely on,

And uncover the solutions below the limitless sky.



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Hello! I'm a writer. With a deep passion for stories, I've dedicated myself to WRITING STORIES. I'm always eager to learn, grow, and share my experiences with the world. Join me on this journey and let's inspire each other.

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  • Paul Johnson5 months ago

    U ar something else🔥👌

  • Manisha Dhalani6 months ago

    Let curiosity guide you! Nice poem.

  • Arslan6 months ago


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