Why Do I Cry?/What If It's Worse?/Robots in People Skin

by Amargeaux Rai 9 months ago in excerpts

Poems from the poetry book, 'Kiss Me or Kill Me; Set Me Free,' By Amargeaux Rai

Why Do I Cry?/What If It's Worse?/Robots in People Skin


Because there are no words

To properly express

How much you anger me

Frustrate me

Tease me

Make me feel trapped



Sometimes even weak,

Which is not like me.

There are no words

To get through your thick ass skull

That you've


Drained every other

Source of fight

Left in me.

This is only temporary.

I just need to recharge.

So I cry.



*False Bravery*

You see a light

At the end of the tunnel

I see the end

Of a world I was used to.



"I'm only human..."


Is that what people normally say

When they make a mistake?

The same mistake

That was so abhorrent

When they were the victim?

I believe some of those people are lying.

Humans can dish it out

And they can take it.

Humans understand

What other humans look like,

Ans would therefore be more understanding.

Now, "I'm only human" is a robotic answer.

Don't be a robot, say you're sorry.


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Amargeaux Rai
Amargeaux Rai
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