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Why Am I Here?

An Unknowing

By A_Skeleton_SpeaksPublished 2 years ago 1 min read
Why Am I Here?
Photo by Tuva Mathilde Løland on Unsplash

Why am I in this world?

What purpose do I serve?

Am I being punished?

Because life isn't something I deserve?

Why try to do good

When the bad is rewarded?

Losing every battle

Making my vision distorted

The lives we lead

Aren't what we follow

The cold hard truth

Is a bitter pill to swallow

I try to shape myself

To fit into your mold

But the crevices are wrong

And erase my soul

I don't know who you want

I don't know the version to be

The one you know me as

Or should I be me?

I try to disguise myself

To hide the loser before you

Faking every smile

Waiting for it all to be through

sad poetry

About the Creator


Formerly: Introducing Poetry

Writing allows me to release

All that holds me

Hope you enjoy the journey with me on a path to healing and growth!

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    A_Skeleton_SpeaksWritten by A_Skeleton_Speaks

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