Who Decided?

Society Challenging Poem

Who Decided?

Who Decided that dandelions were weeds?

Why can't they be flowers? Why can't they be free?

Who Decided that fathers should work?

And mothers should stay home to do the housework?

Who Decided that Kings are in charge?

I didn't get a choice, but others' votes came in large.

Who Decided that your elders deserve respect?

And youths should stay quiet? That, they have to accept.

Who Decided they can't have a voice?

Who Decided they don't get a choice?

Who Decided blue's for boys, pink's for girls?

Who Decided only women should wear pearls?

Who Decided that diamonds are finer?

Who Decided I can't wear eyeliner?

Who Decided that men should love women?

And women should only love men so they fit in?

Who Decided that dandelions are weeds?

Who Decided that I can't be me?

Who Decided

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