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Who Can Fly the Rainbow Flag?

A poem of pride and solidarity

By Denise SheltonPublished 3 years ago 1 min read
Who Can Fly the Rainbow Flag?
Photo by Robin Benzrihem on Unsplash

When Gilbert stitched his flag

He didn't think of me

He made it for the silent

Shunned and shamed

The outcast and alone

He made it for the child

Expelled from home for

Being different from the rest

He made it for others

Not me, no, not for me

When Gilbert stitched his flag

He gave each color meaning

Red: life

Orange: healing

Yellow: sunlight

Green: nature

Turquoise: art

Violet: spirit

Treasures to uphold

When Gilbert stitched his flag

Allies were a dream, a hope


Seldom realized

Yet we were there

Cherishing our friends

Tending their battered souls

Bandaging their wounds

Loving our "bachelor" uncles

Defending "mannish" aunts

They called us fag hags, then

And worse, but that was nothing

In the face of what our friends endured

And It did not deter us, not at all

When Gilbert stitched his flag

He didn't think of me

But the pride it inspired

Reached far beyond his tribe

Proud of how far we've come

Proud of his community

For its fearless persistence

Its hard-won wisdom

Its innovation and creativity

They benefit us all

When Gilbert stitched his flag

He did a wondrous thing

He straightened spines and shoulders

Changed minds

Unhardened hearts

Broke barriers and chains

That bound each human life

In lifting the others

He lifted us all

So we can fly the rainbow flag

No matter who we are

As long as love is in our hearts

And freedom can endure

As long as we seek justice

Equality for all

The rainbow flag unites us

Enlightens and delights us

Long may it wave

Long may we all

For love forever reigns

Over the rainbow

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About the Creator

Denise Shelton

Denise Shelton writes on a variety of topics and in several different genres. Frequent subjects include history, politics, and opinion. She gleefully writes poetry The New Yorker wouldn't dare publish.

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