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Who am I

By Madame Diggory

By Paris DiggoryPublished 2 months ago 1 min read

Who am I

Who am I seriously?

Am I a girly girl or tomboy all the way

Who knows

When I decide to be feminine

Angry eyes of everyone are shadowing me

Cannot identify myself

Confidence strikes halfway

The boyish side of me comes out rarely now

My family commenting always on being a girl to please society

The thoughts of others are my kryptonite

Who am I

A social-awkward chic waiting for friends by my side

No change or labeling wanted in my life

At times I need to be one of the guys

Watching sports, playing video games

Wrestling with my bros

Who am I

My hair was all curly with makeup

Not very stylish or trendy

Insecure of being too beautiful or not

Demanding compliments to feel good inside

Wishing for a non-traditional women lifestyle

Not hoping to be a pretty housewife who stays home to do

chores or have kids

A 50/50 for each partner at home

Who Am I

A women who desires to be the breadwinner

My mood confuses me what to wear

My personality is difficult to match with others

Feeling masculine, dressing up with baggy clothes, work with dirt and guys

Without getting neglected from a group

Having a feminine emotion, wearing all glam look with simple cosmetics and casual attire

Who am I

Before I attempted to be someone i am not

A full fashionable femme, contouring, crop tops, new outfits on a daily basis

Unsure of how I looked

Yet no one wanted to be around me

Sometimes urging not to be a plain jane

The positive perception of people on your apparel

Natural appearance, oversized garments to cover body figure

Who Am I

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About the Creator

Paris Diggory

Hello, Welcome To MY Page!

I am Paris Diggory, an imaginative writer. I love writing poems, songs, stories that you can place yourself in my shoes . All of my writings come from the heart and enjoy sharing my feelings in words to read.

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