Who Am I?

by Jocelyn Ponce 2 years ago in sad poetry

A Girl Living Two Lives for the Sake of Society and Her Parents

Who Am I?

Let me tell you about two girls.

One girl gets through the day at school, tries to keep up with work, gets good grades, and gets things off her mind by going out with friends.

The other girl gets constantly yelled at by her parents and even physically beat by them. She also lets depression affect her and grades begin to drop so she turns to drugs.

One day, I was able to free my mind and start my weekend with great friends. I was able to laugh and have a genuine smile on my face. Then came the time to come home. I came home to a beating from my parents over my grades and made me quit what I love the most in this world, softball.

Sometimes I wonder if teachers realize that there's students sitting among them who suffer from depression.

Our parents do not understand either. They blame us for events that occur which we are not able to control. They blame us for not being like them as if that is what we want to be. We lose hope, and we can't look up to them.

We look for easier ways to get through and most of the time it is not the best of decisions.

Considering these two girls that I know, who am I really?

Am I a HAPPY scholar who is going to go far in life and will live a happy household with my parents?

Or am I a DEPRESSED hoodlum who looks to drugs for happiness and constantly gets beat down to only give up on school and even life?

We'll let my parents decide.

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Jocelyn Ponce
Jocelyn Ponce
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