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White Widow

by Goldeyy Goldeyy about a month ago in slam poetry

The Beginning

Imagine you were a fish & you had to learn how to swim in oil. I know , impossible. Thrown out into the world like the pack of wolves it was. Why am I here ? I didn’t ask to be born was a question I never got an answer to. Raised in the ghetto, I was a diamond in the rough, the needle in the haystack , the white owl in the night. Lots of bark & hard bites. I wasn’t the fliest, I never knew how to fly a kite but I know how to write. I was always the highest, frisky, the feistiest. Thought it was cool to be mean cause that’s what I was shown. Family , friends & even the man down the road. Imagine trying to something so consistently & frequently, and it never works out. Imagine wanting to die and the only person healthy is you. I was my biggest enemy. Was is consistent in my vocabulary now & days. I was broken down BAD,shattered like those extra tiny pieces of glass. Then it hit me. I’ll never be happy if I don’t be the REAL ME. So I had to bury some things in order to go back to me. I had to kill my ego , I’ll do the time for me. Now I’m happy & I Glow , I’m a White Widow.

slam poetry
Goldeyy Goldeyy
Goldeyy Goldeyy
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Goldeyy Goldeyy

Majority would call me an old soul , I would agree only on that end. Southern girl , Born in a small town named Latta, SC. I’m a Ball of chocolate with a surprise inside. Full of words & magic. Ready to take on the world & it’s humans.

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