White Roses

by Altair E 2 years ago in surreal poetry

Do you look at them and see me?

White Roses

When you look at me,what do you see?

Do you see an old soul sitting in a young girl's body?Do you see a young soul sitting in an old woman's body?

Do you look at my hair and think of sunflowers?Do you look in my eyes and think of Tulips?Do you look at my freckles and somehow think of red roses?Do you look at my soul and call out to the white roses?

Everyone before and everyone after me will ask you for red roses on every anniversary.

All I want is for you to see the innocence of my soul and resemble me to a white rose.

I want you to look at me and see youth.I want you to look at me and think, she did not like red roses like the rest of them.

I was not like the rest of them.

I was rare.I was innocent.I was fragile.I am new beginnings.

surreal poetry
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