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Whispers of Yesterday

Unlocking the Secret Chambers of Old Memories

By Edward C. AddamsPublished 4 months ago 1 min read
Whispers of Yesterday
Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

In depths of time's embrace, where memories dwell,

A tapestry of moments weaved, stories to tell.

Whispers of old sorrows and joys intertwine,

In the tapestry of old memories, truly divine.

In cobweb-laden chambers of the mind's keep,

Visions of yesteryears awaken from sleep.

The scent of forgotten roses, fragrant and sweet,

Paints the canvas of reminiscence, replete.

The laughter of children, once echoing clear,

Echoes faintly now, a melody we hold dear.

Touched by the hands of nostalgia's gentle grace,

Old memories emerge, each a cherished embrace.

With every faded photograph and cherished letter,

The past dances before us, memories unfettered.

A sepia-toned montage, a glimpse of the past,

Whispering tales that forever shall last.

Each memory, a precious gemstone in time,

Polished by the years, radiant and sublime.

Though the hours slip away, their echoes endure,

Old memories, timeless treasures we secure.

Through the haze of years gone by, we see,

The tapestry of old memories, a symphony.

In this intricate mosaic of our life's design,

The past lingers on, forever intertwined.

So let us revel in the beauty of days long gone,

Embrace the tales, like whispers of a forgotten song.

For within these old memories, we find solace and art,

A glimpse of who we were, a piece of our heart.

—Edward C.

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About the Creator

Edward C. Addams

I love to write ✍️!!!

Hope, you will like and enjoy it!!!

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