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Whispers of the Forest

Unveiling the Enchantments of Earth's Symphony

By Chochange KarkiPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In the heart of nature's realm, I tread,

Where ancient trees reach skyward, overhead.

A chorus of leaves rustles in the breeze,

As secrets of the woods awaken with ease.

Majestic mountains, guardians tall and proud,

Stand strong and steadfast, veiled in misty shroud.

Their peaks kiss the heavens, crowned in white,

Where eagles soar, bathed in golden light.

A river dances, its melody serene,

Caressing pebbles with a gentle gleam.

Its waters, crystal-clear and cool,

Reflecting the beauty, a shimmering jewel.

Beneath the canopy, a wild tapestry unfurls,

With emerald ferns and blossoms in pearly swirls.

Butterflies pirouette in a vibrant ballet,

Painting the air in hues of the sun's array.

Behold the creatures, both great and small,

Whose stories unfold within this living hall.

The deer graze softly in meadows so green,

As squirrels chase tales through nature's serene.

The fragrance of earth intoxicates the air,

Whispering tales of wonders beyond compare.

A symphony of life, harmonies entwined,

In this sacred sanctuary, treasures you'll find.

For nature's canvas, a masterpiece divine,

A sanctuary where souls intertwine.

May we cherish and protect this earthly grace,

And find solace within its gentle embrace.

nature poetry

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Chochange Karki

Unleash your imagination and embark on a captivating journey through my stories. From heartfelt tales to thrilling adventures, experience the power of words to inspire, uplift, and transport you to extraordinary


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