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Whispers in the Shadows

A Journey Through Depression's Embrace and the Triumph of Hope

By Esther AnimaPublished 4 months ago 1 min read

In shadows deep, where light has fled,

A heavy heart, a weary head.

Depression's grip, a silent foe,

It whispers in the dark, so low.

The weight of sorrow, like an anchor's chain,

Drags the spirit through relentless rain.

But in the depths, a fire still burns,

A longing for the soul's return.

The world, a canvas painted gray,

Yet hope persists, a guiding ray.

In solitude, we find our strength,

To go the distance, at any length.

For in this battle, we are not alone,

Kindness and love, like seeds, are sown.

Together we rise, through pain we mend,

In unity, we'll find our light again.

Depression's cloak, it may obscure,

But from its grasp, we will endure.

With empathy, our hearts aligned,

In unity, our spirits shine.

So if you feel the darkness near,

Remember, hope is always here.

For in the depths of this despair,

We'll find the strength to breathe fresh

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About the Creator

Esther Anima

My stories are not just ink on paper; they are the echoes of my dreams and the whispers of my deepest passions. Join me on this literary voyage, and together, we'll explore the vast universe of human experience, one word at a time.

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  • Dharrsheena Raja Segarran4 months ago

    This was very positive and uplifting! I loved it!

  • Naveed 4 months ago

    This piece of writing is a masterpiece.

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