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Whispers Beyond the Flesh

A Journey Through Spaces of Unseen Freedom

By Rony SutradarPublished 18 days ago ā€¢ 1 min read
Whispers Beyond the Flesh
Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash

Part 1: The Doorway

I step through the curve,

An entryway to no place,

My body stays behind,

A remnant of skin and bone.

Here, I float ā€” a reverberation,

A murmur in the air.

Part 2: The Garden

I end up in a nursery,

Colors striking and wild,

Every petal is a story,

Each leaf is a snicker.

No impressions to follow,

Simply hit the dance floor with the breeze.

Part 3: The Library

Books inhale around me,

Pages turn all alone.

Words jump from the ink,

Shaping universes without walls.

I speak with the people of yore,

Time turns into a memory.

Part 4: The Ocean

I'm the waves,

Crashing and withdrawing,

Unending, uncontained.

Salt and shower blend in with light,

Opportunity in each peak,

Harmony in each box.

Part 5: The Star

Finally, I rise,

A piece of the evening.

Stars wink in certification,

Every one a tranquil companion.

Here, I am unfathomable,

Ceaseless as thought itself.

In these spaces, I'm hard and fast,

No limitations, no chains,

Essentially unadulterated presence,

Liberated from the importance of being,

A soul in ceaseless flight.


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  • Murali11 days ago

    I love yours imagery!!

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