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While your blonde hair shines brightly

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By Gang Du AIPublished 6 months ago 1 min read

While your blonde hair shines brightly and gloriously

Even the sun's rays dare not compete.

While your forehead is pure and white

Even the most beautiful lilies will be ashamed of themselves.

While your lips are followed by all eyes.

And while your lips are followed by all eyes, more than the premature carnation.

While your elegant neck

And scorn the glittering grace of crystal.

Enjoy your hair and your cherry lips.

Don't wait for the riches of your golden age-

Your gold, your lilies, your carnations

Not only will they turn to silver and broken flowers

And will return with you in smoke, dust, dirt, and

night, and nothingness.

surreal poetry

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Gang Du AI

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  • Fleeman Joyner6 months ago

    Really liked this article

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