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by Jordan Zuniga 6 months ago in surreal poetry

A new dream.

A glimmer in the east, a stirring in the night,

The light would surely rise from the time of constant fright,

Hope then flared defiantly, the heart beating loudly in the chest,

Confidence rewarded as weary travelers surely find their rest,

A shout of unyielding triumph, a claiming of what would be,

The songs then sung of how we were led to victory!

Such days that lingered with sorrow, hindering the ability to reform,

The lingering in the downcast with emotions like a storm,

For though conflict had lingered, the heart would find its rest,

Freedom and hope was found, in the dominion of the west!

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surreal poetry

Jordan Zuniga

Aspiring christian creative writer creating pieces to provoke thought and give God and Lord Jesus Christ the glory! God bless and I hope you’re doing well!

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