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Where Summer Shone

by Em Keeler 4 months ago in nature poetry

The girl in the sonnet

Where Summer Shone
Photo by Camille Brodard on Unsplash

The air hums near flowers, where the sun sighs

In the cicada’s sweet song, I heard you

And the light that fell onto her soft eyes

Reminisced of baby’s breath laced with dew.


That flower I held, between fingers, shook

So fragrant were those trying petals, she

Until her heart was pressed flat in my book

So that her perfume, instead smelled like me.


Gold summer air spilled over gentle hills,

Honey dripped slow, from sky to horizon

I laid in the sun, to heat my nerves’ chills;

I could not taste summer’s sweet cinnamon.


I opened my book, her petals had flown

And I dreamt of your eyes, where summer shone.

nature poetry

Em Keeler

she/they | level 25 | bipolar 1 | take what you need 💗



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Em Keeler
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