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Where is the Tiger

by Abigail Sire about a month ago in surreal poetry
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Postcards From Home - On "Dramatic Warm"

(Steven Klein)

A small child with his eyes closed slowly takes apart an apple in his hand,

Languidly, choosingly, lolling it around his mouth.

A round him – a terrifying Tiger with his teeth bared

And surely a roar is aimed at the child’s head -

A ferocious, dangerous situation that our child braves - almost

As if he knows – as you do too – that the tiger is a well-made

Plush – he is surrounded by more -

With glazed, lifeless eyes – a monkey,

A towering giraffe leering out of the window

And another smaller tiger

Listlessly watches the same window.

A brave farce done when the child

Grows bored or finishes his apple.

surreal poetry

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Abigail Sire

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