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When We Heard You Were Coming

by Nattalie Gordon 2 years ago in surreal poetry
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For the lady we admire...

Girl in Santa Monica

By Nattalie Gordon


You’re here with us

Sorry the place is so dirty

We did our best to clean up when we heard you were coming

Sorry the people here look such a mess

I did tell them to behave and I expect they’ll do their best

Pardon us just sitting


All quiet like

It’s just

If we talk you gonna see how dumb we are

You know we not used to having folks like you round

Go ‘head and set yourself down on that one clean chair

And don’t let them get none o’ their dirt on you.

These are real flowers too ma’am

We tossed the fake, plastic stuff

We put on clean clothes although we still look rough

We swept some, and we beat away most of the dust

See how everyone’s reverent and sitting straight up

When we heard you were coming.

surreal poetry

About the author

Nattalie Gordon

I grew up in rural Jamaica. I write screenplays, stage plays, poems, essays, articles etc.

I love horror movies, seafood and almost all sports. Feel free to check me out at nattaliegordon.weebly.com and follow me on IG @nattaliewithtwoteez

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