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When They're Ready, Let Them Fly

Original poem edited and adapted for vocal.

By Tiffanie HarveyPublished 5 months ago • 1 min read
When They're Ready, Let Them Fly
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Dear You,

I cannot hold too tightly to my work. My poetry is an outlet used to shelve quick, fleeting thoughts and shallow, held breaths. My novels are commitments to people I may never meet but I do hope to one day inspire. My work is where I plant all the discombobulated jumble of ideas that have taken root in my head and water them until they blossom to their fullest. So, I release them in one sweet exhalation and create space for more enticing, enriching, energetic ideas that have chosen me to birth them into this world.

This is where I leave you,




About the Creator

Tiffanie Harvey

From crafting second-world fantasies to scheming crime novels to novice poetry; magic, mystery, music. I've dreamed of it all.

Now all I want to do is write it.

My IG: https://www.instagram.com/iamtiffanieharvey/

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