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When Summer Comes Back

by Patti Hodder 2 months ago in fact or fiction

Suburban Nightmare

She always knew when summer had come back

Berries from the tree fell on the front drive

Congealing shapes staining blood red and black

High noon heat bore down keeping them alive.

Springtime promise turns to summer malaise

Sunshine laziness to match her sadness

Looked upward to mimic a song of praise

Thanked the rays for welcoming her sadness.

They tried to keep their khakis crisply creased

Their backyard pools collect runaway blooms

Eyes squint, brows sweat morphing into a beast

Then retreat to their isolated rooms.

Summer blues end in a glowing pink hue

Is it gone for only the lucky few?

fact or fiction
Patti Hodder
Patti Hodder
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Patti Hodder

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