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When I Won't Be Able to Travel

by Bazooka Teaches 2 years ago in surreal poetry · updated 9 months ago
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The heart is a special place for many.

When I say the adequate words,

a labyrinth will open up with foggy hallways


Streams filled with clean water will hopefully lead you

and bring you to a place where nothing is missing


Once you get there, save a place for me inside you

‘cause one day I’ll need a place to stay


When I come back around from the pitch black,

I will doy best to warm you up


Take with your heart what you can

because there is a heavy winter coming


It never fails, those cold, dark days

Dancing in dark playgrounds


Please save a place for me in your heart

where I can be calm and warm


There, I can retire and rest my soul

Save that place for me inside


I love and desire your love

Just a few of your smile is what i need


So save that place when I’ll be tired

and won’t be able to travel


By Bazooka Teaches

surreal poetry

About the author

Bazooka Teaches

A regular Joe that is just surviving the struggle. Loves to write and is constantly fighting the forces of evil.

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