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When God denies to help…

Time to realise the You

By Ekta K. Kalra Published 4 months ago 1 min read

when God denies to help

my heart on this has

always wept.

if I could something do

i by your side would have stood.

earth is not the home town

of destiny

nor absolute control

by heavens

in stars

else why so much wrong

would have been allowed

on this land.

peace utters plainly

I am not possible too

if you can create


contributing enough

as Human race

then earth will result

in a different

in place

but then it has to be


you begin as you

join force as you move.

life began with a tyranny

but need not end with any,

you don’t create storm

you dwell on it

a little too long,

come rise up from bed

and build for peace

sufficient space.

we don’t own you

we cannot force you

but if you stand as worth

something huge

I will be the happiest

one you will know

says the Lord.

but I cannot do

for you.

I cannot do

for you.

it’s not that I wouldn’t


it’s that I cannot do

for any of you.

blessed with hands and brain

go March to remake

your March to remake

the earth again.

the earth again.


About the Creator

Ekta K. Kalra

I am in search of something inside of me which I know cannot be found outside of me. Real knowledge!

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