Dark Poetry. Dark Path


Hurt. Broken. Betrayed. Abandon

Useless. Boring. Horrible. Mislead.

Misunderstand. Forgotten. Mistreated.

When you look at me you see Sunshine

But it’s not the darkness in my heart

When you look at me you see

Laughter and fun but not my pain

When you look at me you see

Happy and a smile but that

Not what I feel inside

When you look at me

You see a child but when

I am serious there something

Wrong with me

When you look at me you

See talkative and a loud side

But when I stop talking and

I am really quite there

Something wrong with me

When you look at me you see

A different me but that’s

Not the true me

When you look at me you see

Kindness but not my hate

When you look at me

You think I look innocent

But I have flaws that I am ashamed of

When you look at me you see

Wild and fun but when

I am not myself for more then

Two weeks there something wrong

When you look at me you happy

But you don’t see my pain

That I go through. I

Try hiding my feelings

From you and only show

You the light and warmth

But in reality my fears are

Combined into one. But it builds

Faster and faster inside of me.

And one day I will have enough

Of it and I will show you the true

Me, the darkness inside me heart

The ugly side of me that

No one will ever get to. But I will

Always put my foot my foot down

so no one can see that side of me

but today is not the day.

When I am gone, some will

Miss me, some will not

When I disappear, some will

Look for me some will not

When my friends need me

By their side, I am there

For them, I give them a shoulder

To lean on, when there down

Or a warm hug. I listen to

What they have to say. But when I

I need someone to be there for me.

A shoulder to cry on lean on

A warm hug or someone

Who can bring me up

Or listen to what have to say

But I have no one.

I am a nobody

I lurk in the shadows but

I show people the light inside

Of me only. I give you light to

Guide you to you happiness

But I guide myself to darkness

For what I am can’t help

for what goes through me gives

me pain when I think about it

for what I done to hurt the

people, by pushing them away.

I deserve no one sympathy

Or forgiveness. I became

Like this. I change because

When I start to care. I

Get hurt, when I start to

Love, I get hurt

I change but not all the

I change became better

I change to became strong

I change for worst

I may think I have done

Right, but admit that I

Have done wrong

I hurt people but didn’t

Mean to. I say mean

Things but I don’t mean

To. For what I can’t help

For what I build up inside

Of me, fear, a monster, darkness

Mad, lonely. what I build inside

Of me will be let go. I can’t help

Think to myself what have became

What I have done. The people I

Trusted the most in my life

Will be in my heart in till I die.

sad poetry
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