What’s My Name?

A Soul Poem

What’s My Name?

As I sit in silence, eyes wide shut I never seen things so vibrant

Lost in my mind, no idea where the time is

It's been forever, wondering if I should even write this

The rains been coming down for weeks, can I stand it?

In my own world most of the time, is it still even a planet?

Would it even matter if I planned it?

Not sure what my path is, bottled a lot of anger I'm scared of what the wrath is

Past tense is where most of it derives from

When the time comes to release it, I run

Not by choice, it just happens like that

Try to give it all to God, but my flesh keeps wanting it back

Then I find myself naturally fading to black

What's that? Me speaking out loud again

Living in my world is a bunch of, should of, could of, would of's, but didn't

But what if I could of, should of, would of, and still missed it?

Now I'm just rambling, gambling with the thoughts of

An insane man, claiming he's sane, playing the game

Running from pain, that's all in my brain, the fuck am I saying?

What's my name?

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Willie Thomas
Willie Thomas
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