What You Did

by Ava Cody 2 years ago in sad poetry

And How I Suffered

What You Did

It’s all kind of a haze.

I’d been drinking. A lot.

But that’s just college, a phase.

Binge drinking, smoking pot.

You came right up to me,

And the girls whispered “he’s great!”

“This is my room, see?”

Before I knew, it was too late.

Falling down drunk, you threw me on your bed.

I was screaming and crying “please stop, it hurts.”

I guess you didn’t hear cause you just grabbed me by the head.

The next day I heard you making jokes, spreading lies, saying, “she squirts.”

Now they say I’m a whore. Slut. Woman of the night.

Call me what you want, doesn’t mean it’s right.

sad poetry
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