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How do you view the "poor"?

By Skyler SaundersPublished 6 years ago 1 min read


Of the poor means that

You have to give up

Your smart earned dollar

To all of those who

Can be selfish but

You can’t. For some strange

Reason, the ones that

Make less than the two

Dollar a day mark

Must be viewed as high

Priorities, based

On what? That they live

In worse conditions

Than you? That they don’t

Have enough to make

For themselves so they

Stretch their hands out to

Seek succor and alms?

The real poor are the

Ones who lack the thought

That rejects all of

The tripe about the

Poor. They’re humans, too.

They have come equipped

With the same thinking

Apparatus as

Anyone else in

The class structures of

The world. Does it give

You a profound and

Good feeling to help

Those less well off than

You? There is your fault.

To help the poor means

That you ought to find

No joy in your work

For the lower rungs

Of the ladder. “Give

‘Til it hurts” should be

Your mantra. So you

Don’t want to hurt, though?

Stop wallowing in

An unearned guilt. It

Benefits no one

When you consider

Others over your

Self. Let the good win.

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Skyler Saunders

I’ve been writing since I was five-years-old. I didn’t have a wide audience until I was nine. If you enjoy my work feel free to like but also never hesitate to share. Thank you for your patronage. Take care.


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    Skyler SaundersWritten by Skyler Saunders

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