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What's Normal Anyway?

by Daisy Andrews 3 years ago in slam poetry

I wrote this poem in the rise of the expansion of the LGBQT community. So many people are left feeling misunderstood when they are confused about their sexuality or gender.

Too weird for the cool kids.

Too loud for the clever kids.

Too far out for the in crowd.

Too far up in the clouds.

Always too something

to be anything.

Too boyish for the girls.

Too girlish for the boys.

Too scared to be myself.

What’s normal anyway?

Never felt like I belong


Want to feel I belong


I look around and I’m alone.

Stuck in a cycle,

tormenting ourselves

trying to label with titles,

thoughts and feelings

we fight to hide.

Never really feeling

like you fit in.

Mind never in sync

with what you’re seeing,

the body you’ve been put in.

Scared that if I expose

and express myself

it will all end badly.

With the clothes

I choose to wear,

style makeup and hair,

being gawked at.

Never feeling happy.

But why?

What’s it for?

Are you happy?

Keep running the rat race.

Life is a theatre stage.

We are just players

in a great big fucking game.

Afraid of the game.

Living life on the edge.

Don’t identify with anyone else.

So I’ve got boobs, and a dick as well!

Shoot me quick; I’m already going to hell.

At least I’m not boring,

you all seem to be staring, not snoring.

Who wants to be normal anyway?

Long to wear pearls and furs,

get struck down by homophobic slurs,

being told it's only his or hers.

It hurts.

Do you think of me less

Just because I wear a dress?

Because I have the courage to confess?

So what if I want to be a boy?

So what if I want to be a girl?

So what? What’s it to you?

I live on the dark side of the moon.

I play the sound of sadness.

I am other side of reason.

I am… me.

slam poetry

Daisy Andrews

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Daisy Andrews
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